Children's Books about Love

Children's Books about Love

February is a good time to surround yourself with warm and cozy things.  Knitted blankets, firesides, good company, and stories that will warm you from the inside out.  We've gathered a collection of some of our favorite feel-good stories about love and friendship.  Whether your child is just starting their reading journey with board books or ready to read in a cozy nook of their own, you'll find something heartwarming for them to turn the pages of here.

Board Books

I Heart You: Adventurous little ones need a safe space to belong.  This sweet poem and wonderfully whimsical illustrations bring voice to the tender feelings of being a parent. The brief text is lovely for little ones with shorter attention spans but the message will resonate with old and young alike.

Runaway BunnyThe well-loved tale of a mother bunny and her little bunny.  The little bunny tries to run away by turning into all manner of things, but the dedicated mother bunny will follow and catch him no matter where he goes.

Picture Books

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch: Mr. Hatch doesn't expect anything extraordinary to happen to him.  Until one day, he receives a gift in the mail - from a secret admirer!  The thought that somebody loves him changes everything for him.  A story about self-worth, community, and what really matters that is perfect for Valentine's Day and heartwarming the whole year through.

The Kingdom of NothingIn the Kingdom of Nothing there is nothing at all - no castles, no dragons, no hidden treasure.  But that doesn't stop this royal family from being the happiest in all the land.  A clever and light-hearted reminder that family is the most important thing of all.

Where the Wild Things AreEvery child needs this classic in their collection.  Max is behaving like a wild thing so he gets sent to his bed without supper.  But once there, he embarks on a dreamlike adventure that takes him to where the wild things are.  It's a wild adventure - until he starts to long for the place where someone loves him best of all.

The Red Hat: A grandfather passes his hat down to his granddaughter and with it all the love, hopes, and wisdom he has to share.

The Heart and the Bottle: When a little girl's heart is broken, she puts it in a bottle to keep it safe.  But without her heart, life feels numb and grey.  Will she learn when and how to get her heart out of the bottle again?  A story about living life with an open heart and how children are the key.

Grandpa's StoriesA little girl spends the four seasons making memories with her grandpa.  When winter ends, she finds her grandpa’s chair is empty but he’s left her a beautiful notebook and a rainbow pencil, which she uses to record all of their memories together. ⠀

You Belong HereM.H. Clark's breathtaking poetry describes animals and the beauties of nature as they appear to nestle into the places they belong.  Each stanza ends with the comforting phrase, "and I belong here with you."  

My HeartCorinna Luyken's lyrical words and breathtaking pictures show readers all the things a heart can do.  Hearts can feel empty or overflowing; broken or mended; heavy or light.  All of it is beautiful and all of it is important.

I Like YouIllustrated with black ink drawings of vivacious children, each page tells endearing, heartfelt reasons why "I like you."  A poem that echoes both the funny and the tender parts of holding someone dear and being held right back.

Corduroy: "You must be a friend...I've always wanted a friend."  Corduroy will warm your heart.

The Pink Umbrella: A story of the thoughtfulness and generosity of a secret admirer...or maybe you can tell who it is?  Adele owns a cafe and is full of sunshine and joy - unless the weather is rainy.  When she discovers gifts left just for her, she is confused, curious, and then delighted.

How Do I Love Thee?Elizabeth Barrett Browning's unforgettable poem is transformed into text that little readers can easily understand and fall in love with.  See friends share love and adventure in the outdoors throughout the cheerfully illustrated pages.

The Velveteen Rabbit: "When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real." 

Chapter Books

Charlotte's Web: Fern and Charlotte save the day (multiple times!) with their love for Wilbur, the sweet and innocent little pig.  This classic will make you laugh, rejoice, and maybe even shed a tear or two.  

Winnie the PoohChristopher Robin and Pooh.  Pooh and Piglet.  Kanga and Roo.  There's a special kind of love between childhood friends. 

Anne of Green Gables: Unanticipated love blossoms between Anne and her newly adoptive parents, the Cuthberts.  And let's not forget about Gilbert.  

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