- Bring book-loving builders together, nurturing and spreading greater empathy and connection in our communities.

- Celebrate artists who drive change and understanding through the medium of children’s literature.

- Put good and true words in the hands and hearts of our children and ourselves as we all grow together.

- Connect children and parents, siblings, neighbors, and friends, building community over a universal love of story.

- Normalize and encourage slowing down, seeing, and spending meaningful, connective time with one another.

- Foster traditions of storytelling and story-sharing, both inside the pages of books and out.

- Cultivate the art of living a simple life with children that is beautiful and meaningful.

Camille Close, co-founder

Camille lives in the most charming town in Utah with her husband and five awesome little humans. She's an introvert at heart and reading is her jam, but she also loves a good intimate social gathering. She loves playing the piano, a cozy blanket with a fun TV show, and has a deep love for french fries (specifically fresh cut).

Meredith Church, co-founder

Meredith is a single mother of three kids and one angel-baby. She's a lover of art and design, hand lettering dabbler, and a podcast enthusiast.  Meredith's favorite things to do with her kids are baking with her aspiring pastry chef son, the nightly read-aloud, and hikes through the woods of North Carolina.